How to automatically unlock background layer in Photoshop

You know what sucks? Opening up a non-layered image (like a jpg/png/gif), painstakingly making a selection or drawing a crop box, then trying to apply your change only to have Photoshop squawk at you that the layer is locked. Why is the layer locked? Clearly, I want to do something to it, otherwise why am I opening […]

6 Ways to Deal with Dumb Requests from Clients

Any web professional has a ream of stories about the crazy requests they have gotten from their clients over the years. Hilarious, horrible, or heartbreaking, eventually you’ll be put in a situation where you have to talk a client off the ledge before they send their website hurtling down to splatter on the sidewalk below. Here’s my approach. […]

How to sell your client on a WordPress maintenance plan

As a WordPress pro, you know how to keep a site updated. Take a backup, run the updates, make sure everything is working correctly, done! Or if you’re super fancy, copy the live site over to a staging/development environment, run the updates, and if it all works, push it to the production environment. Your clients […]

Setup a recurring subscription in 10 minutes

So you want to start billing your clients for a monthly service. Don’t screw around trying to build your own billing system. You need something that you can setup FAST and start getting signups. Later on, when you’ve got 6 figures rolling in every month, you can make it more streamlined and sexy.